100 Astronauts | Rules

100 Astronauts is a 2-4 player, colony building card game. The goal of the game is to be the first to build up your space colony to a size of 100 astronaut inhabitants. Each game of 100 Astronauts lasts about 20-40 minutes.


  • Create four separate areas on the table/space you will be playing on:
    • A DECK area - An area to place the main deck, from which players draw cards.
    • A SCRAPYARD area - An area to place used & discarded cards.
    • A DRAFT area - An area to place six draft cards.
    • A PLAYER area - An individual area for each player to place their built Blueprints and Astronaut cards.

  • Determine which player takes the first turn by flipping a coin, rolling a dice, or by playing rock paper scissors.

  • Gather all of the "100 Astronauts" playable cards, shuffle them extremely well & deal 6 cards to each player. 

! Important! Mix cards well before each game. Shuffle  7

  • After that place, six cards FACE UP in the draft area. All cards placed here are known as draft cards. 

  • Place the rest of the cards FACE DOWN in the deck area. This is now the deck that everyone draws cards from.

  • Play commences after all players have picked up their cards.


Players take turns in a clockwise direction, during which they can perform these actions:

  1. (Once per turn) Build a Blueprint.
  2. (Once per turn) Take a card from the draft (to perform this action you must discard a card first).
  3. (Once per turn) Sell a Blueprint to draw a new card from the deck. 
  4. (Once per turn) Sell an Astronaut card to draw a new card from the deck. 
  5. (Once per turn) Activate an Astronaut card by placing it on top of a Space Base.
  6. (Once per turn) Use the Refresh card.
  7. (Once per turn) Use one of the Galactic Coin's effects.
  8. (Once per turn) Use Battleship's special effect.
  9. (Once per turn) Use Build-Bot's special effect.
  10. (Once per turn) Use Wind Turbine's special effect.
  11. (Once per turn) Use Projectile's special effect.
  12. (Once per turn) Use Solar Panel's special effect.

! Important! During one full turn, you cannot perform the same action twice, you can only perform each action once. If you want to repeat an action you have already performed in your current turn, you will have to wait until your next turn.

  • At the start of their turn (except for the first turn) players draw one card from the deck.

  • Play continues until a player grows their colony to a size of 100 astronauts by activating 3 Astronaut cards, at which point the game is over and that player is victorious.

The Scrapyard: 

Used and discarded cards are placed into a separate pile FACE-UP on the table. This is known as the scrapyard. When the main deck runs out of cards the scrapyard is shuffled and placed in the deck area to create a new deck to draw cards from. During this time you must also refresh the draft by picking up all 6 cards and shuffling them in together with the scrapyard pile. After thoroughly shuffling the cards from the newly formed deck place down 6 new cards in the draft area.

The Draft: At the start of the game place 6 cards face-up on the table. These cards are known as “Draft Cards”. Once per turn, a player can take one of those cards and put it in their hand, but to do so, they must discard one of their cards first.

The draft must always have 6 cards in it, so after taking out a card you must replace it with a card from the deck. To do so, simply draw a card from the deck and place it face up in the position of the missing draft card.

The Cards:

 In the game, you can receive five types of cards: 

  • Astronaut cards - These cards are needed to win the game. Activate 3 of these and you will be victorious.
  • Blueprint cards - These cards give you certain advantages in the game. 
  • Component Cards - These are needed for building blueprints.
  • Utility Cards - These are also needed for building blueprints, as well as for using the Battleship.
  • Action Cards - These cards allow you to perform certain actions such as drawing extra cards & refreshing your hand.

*You can identify card types by looking at the top left corner of each card:

Blueprint cards have the word “blueprint” written on them:

*Component, Utility, Astronaut & Action Cards have letter markings that help you identify cards in your hand faster, which are usually the first letter of the card’s name.

Astronaut Cards: 

To win the game you must activate three astronaut cards. Each activated astronaut card gives you ⅓ of the astronauts needed to colonize a planet (100 total). An Astronaut card is only considered to be "activated" when it is placed on top of a built Space Base. To activate three Astronaut cards, you must build three Space Bases. You can not place an Astronaut card on top of a Space Base that already has one on top of it. Once you place an astronaut card on top of a Space Base you can't take it back to your hand. In the game, you will find Astronaut cards by drawing cards from the deck, etc.


All blueprints have special abilities that can give you some great advantages in the game. To activate a blueprint’s special ability, you must build it first. To build it you must have all of the required components ready in your hand. You can see what components are needed by looking at the bottom part of the card! 

* In this example we need an Energy card, 2 cement bricks, and 1 Processor to build this blueprint. !? Each component is marked with a letter for faster building. *The total amount that can be found in the deck of this specific Blueprint. *The special effect of the Blueprint. *A circle with two lines sticking out of it with a utility logo in the middle means that you can use any type of utility card to build this blueprint.

To build a Blueprint you must place it down on the table in your "Player Area" for everyone to see. Then next to it, place down the components required to build it. After showing other players that you have the right components and the right amount of them, discard the components (put them in the scrapyard). Once you have built the blueprint you will get to keep it in your "Player Area" for the rest of the game, unless, that is, someone destroys it using the "Projectiles" blueprint's special effect, after which you must send it to the scrapyard.

Building Blueprints gives you special rewards. These are the different types of rewards you can get from building a Blueprint:

  • A Coin: Look through the scrapyard, find and take out a coin, then place the scrapyard pile back down on the table without rearranging or shuffling it. If you don’t find any coins in the scrapyard then look through the deck. If there are no coins left there either, bad news, you get no reward.
  • Important!  After looking through the deck you must always shuffle it before placing it back down on the table.
  • Two Draft Cards: Take two cards from the draft, then replace them with cards from the deck.
  • Two Deck Cards: Draw two cards from the deck. 

Some Blueprints require a certain sacrifice to activate their special ability. This is known as a "Use Cost". 

  • To use the "Battleship" Blueprint you must sacrifice one Utility card from your hand.
  • To use the "Build-Bot" Blueprint you must sacrifice one Component card from your hand.
  • The Blueprint "Projectiles" has a cost of itself meaning it can only be used one time after which it is thrown into the scrapyard.

Trading Blueprints & Astronaut Cards:

Once per turn, you can trade a Blueprint and or an Astronaut card in exchange for the ability to draw a new card from the deck. Traded Blueprints and Astronaut cards are placed in the Scrapyard. You cannot trade a Blueprint card or an Astronaut card twice during one turn, but you CAN trade a blueprint AND an astronaut.


Space Base: Space Bases allow you to activate astronaut cards. You can activate an astronaut card you have in your hand simply by placing it on top of an empty Space Base. To win the game you need to do this three times. After building a Space Base you must activate an astronaut card on top of it before you can build your next one.

Solar Panel: Take cards from the draft without swapping. This effect becomes disabled if you have 12 or more cards in your hand at the start of your turn.

Wind Turbine: Allows you to draw an extra card at the start of each turn (2 cards total). This effect becomes disabled if you have 12 or more cards in your hand at the start of your turn.

Build-Bot: Allows you to build using less material. By sacrificing any "Component" card you can ignore the building materials in either slot I or II (your choice) and build the blueprint without them.

Battleship: Allows you to steal a card from a player's hand. Costs one “Utility” card per use.

Projectiles: Destroys a built enemy Blueprint. If you destroy a space base that has an activated astronaut card on top of it- destroy it as well. If a player has multiple space bases built, you can only choose to destroy the most recently built one. All destroyed cards are sent to the scrapyard along with the "Projectiles" blueprint and the components required to build it.


Galactic Coin: With a galactic coin, you can buy the ability to draw two cards from the main deck, take two cards from the draft or look at the top 5 cards in the scrapyard and take one of them. Coins are sent to the scrapyard after use.

Refresh: Allows you to discard up to 4 cards (including this card) then draw an equal amount of new cards from the deck. This will keep your hand fresh and allow you to discard unwanted cards faster. 

Universal Card:


At the end of your turn, you cant have more than 3 Space Bases or 3 Astronaut cards in your possession (in your hand and on the playing field). This is because to win the game you don't need more than this amount of space bases and astronaut cards in your possession. Hogging these cards would make it impossible for other players to win. At the end of your turn if you are exceeding the above-mentioned limit you have to forcibly discard excess cards until you are exceeding the limit no more. If a player catches you hogging these cards without actively trying to get rid of them you will be forced to discard your entire hand.

You can only have a maximum of 12 cards in your hand. At the end of your turn if you have more than 12 cards in your hand you must discard all of the excess cards until you have no more than 12.

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