100 Astronauts | Rules

100 Astronauts is a strategic "colony-building" card game. It can be played by two to four players and lasts around 20 to 40 minutes. In the game, you play a commander whose key objective is to colonize a recently discovered planet - T2853.

As your colony’s commander, your job will be to gather supplies, build constructions, and perform various actions. To win the game, your colony must reach a population of 100 astronauts.

If you want an online demonstration of how to play 100 Astronauts go to www.rrwstudios.com.


100 Game Cards.

  • 18 Blueprints (10 Space Bases, 2 Build-Bots, 2 Wind Turbines, Battleship, Defensive Wall, Projectiles, Solar Panel).
  • 47 Supplies (4 Plastic, 7 Energy, 9 Aluminium, 9 Bricks, 9 Microchip, 9 Wires).
  • 35 Actions (8 Populate, 4 Exchange, 4 Reinforce, 4 Replicate, 3 Sabotage, 3 Prospect, 3 Recycle, 2 Infiltrate, 2 Refresh, 2 Demolish).

Two Ad Cards & Two Blank Cards.


Play Mat.



  • On the table, create a dedicated space for the deck, the scrapyard pile, the draft & each player’s inventory.
  • Pick up all of the game cards, shuffle them thoroughly & deal six cards to each player. 
  • Place six cards FACE-UP on the table. These cards form the draft and are known as draft cards.
  • Place the rest of the cards FACE-DOWN. These cards form the main deck.
  • Determine which player takes the first turn.
  • Commence play after all players have picked up and sorted all of their cards (supplies are placed FACE-UP in each player’s inventory). 


    Players take turns in a clockwise direction, during which they can perform these actions:

  • Play an action card (once per turn).
  • Build a construction (once per turn).
  • Use a construction’s special effect.
  • Take a card from the draft (once per turn).
  • Sell a card marked with a “$” sign (up to three times per turn).

  • (!) The first player to have two activated “POPULATE” cards in their possession is declared the winner, at which point the game is over.



    At the start of the game, six cards are placed FACE-UP on the table. These cards form the draft and are known as draft cards. Once per turn, players can take one of these cards and add it to their possession. After doing so, they must replace the card they took with a new one from the deck (the draft must always have six cards in it). 

    Important! Draft cards are always kept FACE-UP.


    Sacrificed, discarded, sold, and destroyed cards are placed in a pile FACE-UP on the table. This pile is called the scrapyard. 

    When the game’s deck runs out of cards, the scrapyard pile and all six draft cards are picked up and shuffled together to create a new deck. The new deck is placed FACE-DOWN on the table in the position of the previous deck. Then six new draft cards are drawn.


    Action cards or simply “actions” are single-use cards that have special effects. You can only play one action card per turn.

    Demolish: If the top card in the scrapyard is a supply, then destroy all copies of that supply in an opposing player’s inventory.

    Exchange: Destroy two supplies in your inventory, then draw three new cards directly from the deck.

    Infiltrate: Look at a chosen enemy's hand, select one of their cards and add it to your possession. “INFILTRATE” can’t be used to steal inventory cards.

    ( ! ) Populate: Increases your colony’s population by 50. To win the game, your colony 

    must have a population of 100.

    “POPULATE” cards have no utility until they are activated. To activate a “POPULATE” card, you need to use the “SPACE BASE” construction’s special effect. After activating a “POPULATE” card, place it on top of the “SPACE BASE” that it was activated by. If that “SPACE BASE” is destroyed, the card loses its activation and is destroyed along with it. You can only activate one “POPULATE” card per “SPACE BASE”. 

    You cannot take an activated card back to your hand.

    Prospect: Draw a card from the deck. If it's a supply, draw two more cards. If it's not, 

    destroy two cards in your possession.

    Recycle: Look through the scrapyard, select a blueprint, supply, or POPULATE card 

    and add it to your possession.

    Refresh: Destroy all six draft cards, then place down six new ones from the deck. Add one to your possession.

    Reinforce: Choose a reinforcement: A. Draw two cards from the deck. B. Take a card from the draft.

    Replicate: If the colony to your right has two or more supplies, draw a card. If they have five or more, draw two. If they have eight or more, draw three.

    Sabotage: Destroy a supply in your inventory, then destroy two supplies in an opposing player’s inventory.


    Supply cards or simply “supplies” are cards that are used to build constructions.

    Aluminium: This supply is used to build Space Bases, Defensive Walls, Battleships, and Projectiles.

    Bricks: This supply is used to build Space Bases, Defensive Walls, Solar Panels, and Wind Turbines.

    Microchip: This supply is used to build Space Bases, Solar Panels, Battleships, and Build-Bots.

    Wires: This supply is used to build Space Bases, Wind Turbines, Build-Bots, and Projectiles.

    Plastic: A special supply that can be used to build any construction. Plastic emulates all other supplies.

    Energy: This supply is used to build all constructions.



    Each player must create a space on the table for their inventory. All of their colony’s supplies, built constructions, and activated “POPULATE” cards, must be kept there. 

    All players must keep cards in their inventory FACE-UP for everyone to see.

    Other cards, like blueprint cards & action cards (including unactivated “POPULATE” cards), are kept in your hand.

    If a player catches an opposing player holding supplies in their hand, they get to steal it from them.



    Blueprint cards or simply “blueprints” are cards that let you build various constructions. Building these constructions allows you to use their special effects. 

    The following information can be found on blueprint cards:

    1. The supplies required to build it. 
    2. The reward for building it.
    3. The special effect.
    4. The cost for using the special ability.


    Before building a construction, you need to have the construction’s blueprint and the supplies listed on it in your possession.

    Once you have everything you need, place the blueprint down on the table and gather the required supplies from your inventory. Sacrifice the supplies (throw them in the scrapyard), but keep the blueprint card in your inventory (the blueprint card acts as the construction). The construction is now built, and you can use its special effect.

    Built constructions are kept in the player’s inventory for the rest of the game unless an opposing player destroys them.

    Important! You can only build one construction per turn.



  • Players get a reward after successfully building a construction. There are four different rewards a player can get:

  • Take two draft cards.
  • Draw two cards from the deck.
  • Keep two supply cards used to build the construction.
  • Steal a supply card from another player.


  • Battleship: Once per turn, allows you to steal a supply from an opponent. 

    You can’t use this on the same opponent two turns in a row.

    Build-Bot: Allows you to ignore supply slot II when building constructions.

    Defensive Wall: Protects your colony from enemy constructions and action cards. Opposing players won’t be able to use “DEMOLISH”, “INFILTRATE”, and “SABOTAGE” action cards, as well as the “BATTLESHIP” construction’s special effect, on you. Also, they will only be able to target this construction when using “PROJECTILES” (other constructions are protected).

    Projectiles: Allows you to destroy an opponent’s construction. 

    This special effect can only be used once (“PROJECTILES” are destroyed along with the enemy’s construction). If you choose to destroy an enemy “SPACE BASE”, and it has an activated “POPULATE” card on top of it, then destroy the “POPULATE” card as well.

    Solar Panel: Once per turn, allows you to take an extra card from the draft.

    Space Base: Allows you to activate one “POPULATE” action card. 

    Before you can build a second “SPACE BASE”, your first one must have an activated “POPULATE” card on it.

    Wind Turbine: Once per turn, allows you to draw a card directly from the deck.


  • Some constructions require a sacrifice each time you use their special effect. This is called a "USE COST".

    To use the "BATTLESHIP" or "BUILD-BOT" constructions’ special effects, you must sacrifice one supply card.

    Important! All sacrificed cards are thrown in the scrapyard.


    Each turn, you can sell up to three cards in your possession. For each one sold, draw a new card directly from the deck.

    Only cards marked with a “$” sign can be sold.


    You are not allowed to have more than two “SPACE BASE” blueprints or two “POPULATE” action cards in your possession (including built/activated ones). Any excess cards must be sold by the end of your turn (If you have reached your selling limit, you must discard them instead).

    If an opposing player catches you with more than two “SPACE BASE” blueprints or two “POPULATE” action cards in your possession, you will be forced to discard your entire hand and destroy all of your supplies.

    You are not allowed to have more than ten cards in your hand. If you exceed this limit, at the end of your turn, you must discard your most unwanted cards one by one until you have ten or fewer.

    You are not allowed to have more than ten supplies in your inventory. If you exceed this limit, at the end of your turn, you must discard your most unwanted supplies one by one until you have ten or fewer. 


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